EU FP7 Project "Developing capacity and research potential"

Project Activities "Developing capacity and research potential" under FP7 program REGPOT-2008-1.

Project activities according to the grant agreement are as follows:
  • 8 early stage researchers of IC at TUT mastered their research in one of the top quality research centres in Europe;
  • 8 early stage researchers form other European research centres benefited from the competence and infrastructure at IC at TUT;
  • 4 research specialists of IC gained new knowledge, enhanced their research potential and networked while staying with the leading European research centres;
  • 4 research specialists from European research centres profited from the unique interdisciplinary research environment of IC at TUT;
  • 1 three-day international conference will be held to introduce latest achievements of research of IC at TUT and its partners, facilitate networking within research community and between research community and private sector, and to initiate new pan European joint research projects;
  • 6 specific workshops will be held focusing on and covering the most prospective research fields of IC at TUT;
  • 6 research specialists will participate in international seminars/conferences/workshops to develop their expertise and broaden their network with an aim to initiate and participate in joint international research projects;
  • 3 specific tools will have been purchased to complete the equipment park of IC at TUT and upgrade its technical research possibilities to world-class level;
  • 1 or 2 experienced researchers will have been recruited to develop a new complementary research field at IC at TUT.
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