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PhD Dissertations 2010

Kati Helmja - 12.03.2010
Determination of phenolic compounds and their antioxidative capability in plant extracts
Meetodid fenoolsete ühendite määramiseks ja nende antioksüdatiivsuse hindamiseks
Supervisors: Prof Mihkel Kaljurand and Dr Merike Vaher

Science Prize

15-Feb-2007 Science prize of Republic of Estonia in the fields of chemistry and molecular biology was awarded for the research in "Electromigration Methods in Analysis of Bioprocesses" to Mihkel Kaljurand (head of the group), Mihkel Koel and Merike Vaher.

PhD Dissertations 2006

Merle Uudsemaa 16.06.2006
Quantum-Chemical Modeling of Solvated First Row Transition Metal Ions
Supervisor: Prof Toomas Tamm

Lyudmila Chekulayeva 05.06.2006
Photosensitized Inactivation of Tumor Cells by Porphyrins and Chlorins
Supervisors: Prof Nigulas Samel ja PhD Igor Ševtšuk

Maria Kulp 18.05.2005
Capillary Electrophoretic Monitoring of Biochemical Reaction Kinetics
Supervisor: Prof Mihkel Kaljurand

Sille Ehala 31.03.2006
Development and application of various on- and off-line analytical methods for the analysis of bioactive compounds.
Supervisor: Prof Mihkel Kaljurand

International Conference

Balticum Organicum Syntheticum 2006 (BOS 2006), 25-29 June was held at TUT
Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee: Prof Margus Lopp

International Conference

International Conference on Knowledge-based Materials and Technologies for Sustainable Chemistry, 1-5 June was held at TUT. Organisers included TUT, University of Tartu and University of Nottingham, the project leader was Dr Mihkel Koel.

PhD Dissertation Defended

RIINA AAV: Synthesis of 9,11-Secosterols Intermediates
Supervisors: Prof Margus Lopp and Ass Prof Tõnis Kanger

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