Chair of Organic Chemistry

Teaching on bachelor, master and doctoral level:
organic chemistry, organic synthesis, reaction mechanisms, stereochemistry, advanced and special courses, also seminars, practical and laboratory work.

The following courses are taught by the chair (at present only in Estonian):

  • YKO3405 Organic chemistry I
  • YKO5606 Organic chemistry II
  • YKO0020 Mechanisms of chemical reactions
  • YKO0040 Methods of chemical synthesis
  • YKO3403 Organic chemistry I-laboratory A
  • YKO5313 Organic synthesis-course paper
  • YKO9010 Advanced course: basic principles of stereochemistry


24-Feb-2004 The Science prize of Republic of Estonia in the fields of chemistry and molecular biology was awarded for the research in "New asymmetric reactions and their catalysts" to Margus Lopp (head of the group), Tõnis Kanger and Anne Paju.

Head of the Chair: Prof Margus Lopp (See here)
Akadeemia tee 15, 12618 Tallinn, Estonia;
office 421; tel +372 6202808; e-mail (e-mail)

Staff of the Chair

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