Main Events in the History of the Department


International Conference

International Conference on Knowledge-based Materials and Technologies for Sustainable Chemistry, 1-5 June was held at TUT. Organisers included TUT, University of Tartu and University of Nottingham, the project leader was Dr Mihkel Koel.

PhD Dissertation Defended

28-April-2005: RIINA AAV: Synthesis of 9,11-Secosterols Intermediates
Supervisors: Prof Margus Lopp and Ass Prof Tõnis Kanger

Joint R&D Day

Joint R&D Day of the Department of Chemistry of TUT and VTT Materials from Tampere, Finland took place on 22-April-2005. Presentations were from both sides.


Get-together of the former and present employees of the Institute of Chemistry took place in newly renovated Building of Natural Sciences on 21-Jan-2005.
Photos by Igor Shevchuk

New Location

From the beginning of 2005, our new location is in the recently renovated and well-equipped Building of Natural Sciences in the University campus at Mustamäe, Akadeemia tee 15, Tallinn.


Building of Natural Sciences was opened

On 17-Dec-2004 the inauguration of the Building of Natural Sciences took place.
In December 2004 and January 2005 the Department moved in to the new premises.

PhD Dissertations Defended

29-Nov-2004: IMRE VALLIKIVI: Lipase-Catalysed Reactions of Prostaglandins.
Supervisors: Omar Parve and Margus Lopp

30-Nov-2004: MONIKA ÜBNER: Interaction of Humic Substances with Metal Cations.
Supervisor: Margus Lopp

Swiss Baltic Net Graduate Award 2004

28-Oct-2004: Swiss Baltic Net Graduate Award 2004 for the best scientific publication was given to PhD student of the Department of Chemistry MARIA KULP: In situ monitoring of kinetics of metabolic conversion of ATP to ADP catalysed by MgATPases of muscle Gastrocnemius skinned fibers using micellar electrokinetic chromatography. Maria Kulp, Mihkel Kaljurand, Tuuli Käämbre, Peeter Sikk, Valdur Saks. Electrophoresis, 2004, Vol 25, Issue 17, 2996-3002.

New Chair

01-Sept-2004: The Chair of Molecular Technology was established. Prof MATI KARELSON was appointed the Head of the Chair.

New Director

01-Sept-2004: The previous director Prof Margus Lopp started as the dean of the Faculty of Science and Prof MIHKEL KALJURAND was appointed the head of the Department of Chemistry.

Science Prize

24-Feb-2004: The Science prize of Republic of Estonia in the fields of chemistry and molecular biology was awarded for the research in "New asymmetric reactions and their catalysts" to MARGUS LOPP (head of the group), TõNIS KANGER and ANNE PAJU.

Competence Centre

22-Feb-2004: Enterprise Estonia decided to start the financing negotiations for establishment Competence Centre of Food and Fermentation Technologies. Project leader Urmas Sannik, Principal investigators from TUT are Prof RAIVO VILU (Department of Chemistry) and Prof Toomas Paalme (Department of Food Processing). Competence centres are small research and development institutions established and operated together by number of companies and universities.
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