PhD Theses at Chair of Organic Chemistry


Kristin Lippur - 16.04.2010
Asymmetric Synthesis of 2,2’-Bimorpholine and its 5,5’-Substituted Derivatives
2,2’-bimorfoliini ja selle 5,5’-asendatud derivaatide asümmeetriline süntees
Supervisor: Prof Tõnis Kanger


Artur Jõgi - 27.08.2008
Synthesis of 4'-substituted 2', 3'-dideoxynucleoside Analogues
Supervisors: Prof Margus Lopp, PhD Anne Paju


Riina Aav
Synthesis of 9,11-Secosterols Intermediates
Supervisors: Prof Margus Lopp and Ass Prof Tõnis Kanger


Kadri Kriis
Asymmetric Synthesis of C2-Symmetric Bimorpholines and their Application as Chiral Ligands in the Transfer Hydrogenation of Aromatic Ketones
Supervisors: Prof Margus Lopp and Ass Prof Tõnis Kanger

Monika Übner
Interaction of Humic Substances with Metal Cations.
Supervisor: Prof Margus Lopp


Janek Peterson
Synthesis, Structural Characterization and Modification of PAMAM Dendrimers
Supervisor: Prof Margus Lopp


Anne Paju
Asymmetric Oxidation of Prochiral and Racemic Ketones by Using Sharpless Catalyst
Supervisor: Prof Margus Lopp

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