Sample Topics for Theses at the Chair of Inorganic Chemistry

At the end of every level of study (bachelors, masters, doctoral) the student must write a thesis. Bachelors thesis is relatively small, mostly based on literature, with perhaps a small experimental part. Master's thesis involves at least a year of part-time laboratory work. Doctoral thesis has at its base three years of practical work, and publication of at least three peer-reviewed research papers.

Examples of more specific topics can be found on the Estonian-language version of this page. The general areas of research conducted in our laboratory are:

  • Computational chemistry (prof. Toomas Tamm, assoc. prof. Merle Uudsemaa)
  • Analysis of contaminants in water and study of humic substances (assoc. prof. Viia Lepane)
  • Mesurement and intermretation of NMR spectra (assoc. prof. Marina Kudrjashova)
  • Corrosion of building materials (dots. Meeme Põldme)
If you have specific interest, please contact the laboratory directly. We no longer publish e-mail addresses on the web, but you can send mail to webmaster, call (+372)-620-2810 or come personally to IV-416 for more information.
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