EU FP7 Program (REGPOT-2008-1) Developing Capacity and Research Potential of Department

EU FP7 grant agreement No 229830 IC-UP2 ’Developing the research potential of Institute of Chemistry at Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia’ aims to facilitate the creation of a leading centre of excellence among New Member States in the fields of Chemistry and Biochemistry, and the related Materials Science.

The objective of the current project (2009-2012) is to develop the research potential of the Institute of Chemistry and, as a result, to stimulate the realization of its research potential, complementary to classic chemistry in the fields of biochemistry and biomedicine.

Hence, a unique interdisciplinary collaboration between and across the fields of chemistry, biotechnology, biomedicine, materials science and info-communication technology is expected. This project:

  • upgrades the existing high-level research infrastructure, which provides the opportunity to do full analysis of the structure and properties of biologically active compounds in the Institute. These analyses are necessary for bio-materials, and having them at hand in the Institute makes studies faster and more flexible. As a result of the contemporary infrastructure of the Institute, early stage researchers and research specialists have the necessary environment to work in the world of science;
  • facilitates the exchange of knowledge and methods through exchanging top-level scientists in the chemical and biochemical fields. Developing personal contacts with leading scientists is important for the fast dissemination of information;
  • improves networking on the national and international levels through workshops and conferences that lead to further joint projects, guaranteeing the sustainability of the project;
  • creates the necessary background for participating in and initiating pan-European joint research projects.
All the publications shall include the following statement to indicate that said foreground was generated with the assistance of financial support from the European Union: The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme under grant agreement No°229830.

Booklet DEPARTMENT of CHEMISTRY 2010 (pdf)

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